Covet by Tracey Garvis Graves


Covet by TGG

Shamelessly a fan of On the Island, I then read Unchartered only to feel slightly misled and a little deflated BUT I did kind of love it (just not as good as her first). Flash forward, probably 6 or 7 years and on holiday with friends one of them asks me for a trashy holiday read and I quickly recommended On the Island.

It was whilst scrolling Amazon for the link to send to my friend that I spotted a TGG that had slipped under my radar…so I bought it and in typical TGG style, I finished it in little more than a day (bearing in mind I was on holiday, sitting around a pool so I definitely could devour a book at my leisure).

I am going to be straight to the point here….there is no point in this book. It was a completely nothing story line. Basically about a platonic friendship between a sexy man and a good looking housewife. A housewife that may have the looks but my god she was boring. I just couldn’t even like her. Thus, couldn’t understand why he liked her back.

I am sorry if I have ruined the book in anyway, it is quite old so I should imagine it won’t be me revealing any spoilers…but spoiler alert. NOTHING HAPPENS.

It has only 3 stars from me because I couldn’t stop reading it, whether that be due to the story itself or simply because I was on holiday and could.


3 star

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