Circe by Madeline Miller



The Song of Achilles is one of my all time favourite books. I read it so many years ago and between then and now I have recommended it a fair few times. So it was with great delight that I discovered Miller had a new book…..and I paid full price on Kindle store for the privilege.

Now this book is again fantastic, with scrupulous attention to detail. It is the story of one of the lesser known Nymph Gods and her impact on the world….and in turn her redemption. I thoroughly enjoyed it, there is no denying….but I did find it a little drawn out in places. Dare I say, a little boring.  I feel so guilty for using the B world for this book, because my heart is loyal to The Song of Achilles. (I’m sorry Madeline).

That being said, I will also recommend Circe, should anyone ask my for a Historical fiction recommendation. It is a 4 stars from me, due to the minor detail of being B in parts.

Maybe I should add an extra star for luring me back to the kindle after having spent over a year reading those paper type books…..the ones that get soggy when dropped in the bath. Though saying that, I wouldn’t want to drop my kindle.

4 star


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