The Girl Before #bookreview

The Girl Before
The Girl Before


Well firstly I have to point out that my main reason for purchasing this book was the fact it has GLOBAL BESTSELLER in red across the top.  Baffled really, the book must have a fantastic PR strategy.  Though, having said that, I did read at the end that JP Delaney is a pseudonym for a bestselling writer who has written fiction under other names. Which makes me feel that this writer just needed to knock out another book.

So, I get that the story is a psychological thriller and admittedly I do believe that the actual story line probably has some decent ideas, however, I do have several issues with the book.

The first being the fact that the writer seems to have thrown EVERYTHING into the book, literally every possible padded sub story, main story, character type…the list goes on. It was too much! Sometimes less is not only a lot more, but it is also more believable.

Secondly,  I enjoyed the actual style of the book in the way each chapter is an alternate betwixt (felt like a betwixt moment) past character and present. However, there were some sloppy elements to it such as lazy/obvious reiteration. I feel that to have made this really special then maybe don’t take the reader for an idiot and give us some credit. I have to reference the last book I read (The Guernsey Literary and potato peel pie society) which did something similar very well.

Finally, though I am sure I could think of more grievances, it was just the poor writing and referencing. Simple things like grammar, using ‘X and me’ as opposed to ‘X and I’. Not to mention the sloppy references such as likening a very emotional subject to a Harry Potter spell! Now, I love HP and I yes some latin words do sound like they are a HP spell but please consider the context before you make a pop culture reference.

How could I have gone from a great book like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society to a rubbish one! Ah the highs and lows of reading.

I have awarded 2 stars, because I did finish it and I think the idea is there….but the execution was most definitely lacking.

2 star


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