The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book review

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society


For starters, this was another Costco buy; a £7.99 book bought for £3.79. It is a mute point really when it comes to the actual content of the book, but I feel like I should mention it as this massive reduction in price is only going to feed my addiction more. Not to mention the fact that Costco sell current bestsellers and I am not always one to read from the top 20.

To the book! I bloody LOVED this book. At first I was a little put off with the layout of the narrative, the story unfolds in correspondence form. I thought it was a bit of a novelty and perhaps unnecessary. But after about 20 pages, my goodness I was hooked. I recently posted about Creading which is when one cries whilst reading, and I did. Tears streaming down my face! I also laughed too though, it isn’t a sad story.

I was also absolutely enthralled but the historical content and now all I want to do is read more about Guernsey’s occupation during the second world world. It is mentioned in the book that when people think of WWII and the UK, they always seem to forget that there were parts of our nation that were occupied by the Germans, and the stories that come from that are enlightening.

There was a small aspect of guessing the ending from the beginning, but that certainly did not detract from the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was such a pleasure to read. I am definitely going to watch the film, and I know, I always blame myself for watching films of great books and moan about how they have ruined the story….but I can’t wait to see this brought to life. (as a side note, I also can’t help but feel, to really enjoy the film one should read the book first….otherwise the narrative might get a bit lost)


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