Camino Island

Camino-Island by John Grisham


I didn’t intend on reading another JG, to be honest I didn’t realise he had another book out, but we recently became Costco members and their book section creates impulse purchasing. With big discounts on RRP, I saw and bought  (I also bought an Enid Blyton book collection and a book for the baby).

I didn’t really think much about the plot, I didn’t read the back or even any reviews before starting the book. I simply robotically thought I – MUST – READ – THIS. NOT – READ – YET. I – MUST – READ – THIS.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that the story did not centralise around law in any particular way. In fact, it was rather refreshing to read a crime novel that didn’t baffle me with legal jargon. It is the story (fictional) about the theft of priceless manuscripts from Princeton University and the story that follows. Intertwining past with present as well as different characters both good and bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in just a couple of days. At one point it fell in the bath whilst I was reading it, I couldn’t bear not to continue so I turned each soggy page carefully. Though the climax was somewhat underwhelming, it didn’t really matter as I had a great time getting there!


5 star

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