Parsnips buttered


My brother showed me a few clips of Joe Lycett on Youtube and I found him hilarious, crying with laughter at some of his anecdotes. As I was going on a Joe binge, I discovered that he had a book apparently filled with these anecdotes….which I immediately purchased.

I will say now, that I am not one for reading autobiographies, humorous books, or basically anything written by a celeb (however famous or indeed minor) who hasn’t found their initial fame in writing.  I just tend to find them uninteresting and poorly written. This book proves me right, sadly.

The first line of the book is THE funniest part! I laughed out loud and thought, great! I am going to enjoy this. But then it was filled with a load of waffle… actually, bravo Joe! I am impressed that you have managed to write a book and get it published on the foundations of waffle. I am being serious!

What I was hoping for was a book full of emails, texts and letters he has written and little mischievous acts. It has a few of these but it is not filled with them. A few chapters I squirmed my way through included How To Survive in the Wild and How to be a Football Fan.

I will say though that the emails from Angie Merk were rather hilarious and fantastically clever!

If you are a fan of Joe, just go to his shows rather than buy the book. I’ve given it 3 stars partly due to effort but mostly for that opening sentence.

3 star


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