The Partner

The Partner

My 7th John Grisham (and one of them I have read twice).

My husband found it for 80p and was pretty sure I would enjoy it, and enjoy it I did! I managed to read it in within a couple of days, which is a marvel considering I have a crawling baby and my husband was away for the week. But I read it at every opportunity; whilst she napped, when she went to bed and I even put her in her play pen just so I could continue reading! Needless to say, it is a good one!!

The story is about a former partner of a law firm being found in Brazil 4 years after his “death”.  He is hauled back to American soil and a gazillion lawsuits are thrown at him from divorce to capital murder and more.  In typical JG style, there are plot twists at every turn and nothing is as it seems.

Admittedly, there were elements of the story that I could see coming, but that didn’t lessen the excitement in any way.

One of JG’s best!

5 star

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