The Innocent Man

I read this a while ago, and then soon forgot about it. However, the story stayed with me but I completely forgot where it came from. It lingered in the back of my mind and I kept asking my other half, have we watched something about a man persecuted? Can you remember me saying I have read something about a sportsman who’s life descends into incarceration? Have you told me about a murder with barely any evidence and the wrong man being put in jail? He did not have a clue what I was talking about and yet it was the only story I could focus on.

Obviously, it came back to me….hence the title of this post. But I would like to really praise this plot. It is such a great idea, and was so easy for JG to build up the main character to make you genuinely feel for him. It is these real feelings that had my heart hanging on to the tragic tale of a man wrongly accused for murder all because people didn’t like him.

JG successfully managed to not bombard his reader with pointless jargon and fantastical protocols that usually shield the real story behind a door of make believe. This was real, it felt real. I think I might re-read it.

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