Philomena by Martin Sixsmith

I like to read a book before I see it, I should hope most people feel the same. This is the story of the lost child of Philomena Lee and it turned my water works on. I cried on the tube and it was embarrassing. I cried in bed and it gave me sore eyes. I thought about the story and it welled me up at my desk. It was a sob story, but a fantastic one. It was so thorough, from Philomena’s life to her son’s. Every person that interacted with them, every life turning event, every moment spent reading closed the gap between just words on a page and really knowing someone.

However, as great as Dame Judi is, the film was a little flaccid. It did not provide the same mental stimulation and emotional roller coaster as the book. W
which is a shame.

4 star

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