Moonraker Book Cover LARGE

Moonraker by Ian Fleming

James Bond series #3

Third book done and dusted. I only enjoyed the last quarter of this book, the book begins almost immediately with a card game. It was interesting and very thorough, Fleming clearly knows his card games, and his champagne, even the popular delicacies of a rich bachelor in the 1950’s. However, none of the fancy talk could distract from the fact that most of this book is a dragged out card game.

When he finally moved onto the mission at hand, I spent a wee while almost in a daze whilst reading about a rocket being built, because it was not very interesting. Something about metal and the extraordinary melting point, being built by Germans blah blah…really couldn’t tell you much more.

Just when I thought I would have to drag myself through the rest of the book, it got thrilling and kept me on the edge of my tube seat on a few journeys.  This seems to be the norm for the Bond series, they begin rather technical and then get really good at the last minute.

What I enjoyed most about this book, is that the reality question I mentioned in my previous Bond review, is actually more realistic than in his first two books. The book is set post WW2 and is focused around a big nuclear weapon being built by a German in collaboration with some Russians, a story that was published mid Soviet Union nuclear capabilities scare. Obviously Bond succeeds in stopping the attack and is the unsung hero of the day, a very clever way Fleming alleviates some nuclear stress from the Great British public, Kudos to you good sir!

4 star

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