Live and Let Die


Live and Let Die by Ian Flemming

I have accidentally set myself the challenge of reading all the books in the James Bond series. Not quite sure how it happened, I read the first and then realised James Bond didn’t have to end there, he can continue for 14 more daring adventures. Dam, I hate the addictive side of my personality….at least I haven’t been caught up in drugs and cigarettes!!

I enjoyed Live and Let Die, more so than Casino Royale. I felt there was a bit more substance to James, a character as opposed to a machine, an indestructible animal that the recluse Ian enjoyed living his life through.  Maybe that is why the Bond books are so intoxicating, living on the edge of fantastical ideas and the possibility that it could be realistic, because Ian didn’t like people, or women and so kept himself to himself? Both books so far have been written on a cusp of “this is ridiculous… isn’t it?”


Ridiculous: the torture methods. Reality: torture.

Ridiculous:  Rescuing a stunning girl who can foresee the future. Reality: Hot girls fall for bad boys

Ridiculous: Surviving a swarm of sharks just by swimming away. Reality: Sharks.

What I didn’t like about the book, was the amount of times the term negro was used. Jesus, there were many times I was mortified to be standing on a crowded London tube reading this book.  Just a heads up there folks! Thank goodness times have changed!

Awarding this one a 4 star, I hope I can deliver a 5 star before the end of the series….


4 star



Currently reading: Moonraker #3


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