Inferno by Dan Brown

If you have read all the books from an author, the news of a new book release will without doubt excite you. Fact.

As soon as I learnt of Dan Brown’s Inferno, I didn’t stop and question the quality or possible storyline I just thought ‘I need to read that book!’ I was exactly the same with his last, The Lost Symbol, and despite the awfulness of that book….here I am reviewing the next one. Funny how people often forget a previous bad experience if a ‘new’ and ‘better’ product emerges.

I have to admit at this point I didn’t have high expectations, in fact I assumed the plot will follow his previous tried and tested Langdon sagas in that, to cut a long story short, he saves the world against all odds. There was nothing extraordinary about this book, the girl, the deadline and the normal thrill of fact entwined with fiction that enables you to regurgitate a few facts after finishing the book, my favourite being the origin of the word Quarantine.

As a fan of Dan brown you have to read this, as any other reader, you won’t miss much. If I am honest, it would have been nice to see some sort of exciting twist to the story (aside this), but I was hooked, it was easy to read and I enjoyed it like I enjoy a nice pub lunch. Safe.

3 stars, perhaps could have been 4 had it involved something  new.

3 star







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