The Great Gatsby film




Where does one begin to review The Great Gatsby? Some of you ardent readers will remember my dislike of the book (re-read here if you please), and the same qualities that unsettled my about the book have been transferred to the film. But if I can just take off my ‘the book annoyed me’ hat, I enjoyed the film. It was dazzling with the most imaginative and beautiful filmography I have seen in a long time. The costumes were exquisite, haut couture and on point to the era. The make-up was an achievable perfection, that highlighted the features of the characters, and the soundtrack is thoroughly addictive. I have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat since last night, my fave being 100$ bill by Jay-Z…oh and there is a fantastic rendition of Beyonce‘s crazy in love by Emilie Sande.

Ok, now the hat is back on. The story is pants. Unless I am missing the irony, or I don’t find the irony particularly clever, in the Gatsby isn’t great. Nothing remarkable about him.

On the subject of Gatsby, when I found out that the gorgeous Leo would be playing the character I thought YES!!!! This is a perfect casting, he will be amazing! Because Leo (well in his previous films) has a romantic, charming-ness about him yet he played Gatsby really stern…..I guess it is just out for interpretation. The other characters were spot on with how I imagined them to be…. particularly Jordan Baker, excellent character.

Yeah, go see the film. Or wait for the DVD? Must see anyways, for the film rather than story.

4 star


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