The Handmaid’s Tale




The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

I quote myself  “Would I ever read another dystopian? Unlikely. Would I read Margaret Atwood again, I think so” from my Oryx and Crake book review.

I can’t tell you what made me pick up another dystopian book, I just had an urge to read Margaret Atwood. Her writing style is so different that in a way it is a nice break from reading an ordinary novel. I guess it is like watching TV all day then going out for a walk, Margaret Atwood in a strange way is a breath of fresh air.

The Handmaid’s Tale is a piece of art. You only understand the reason for the story telling format at the end, but it didn’t matter, I willingly adopted the alternative  style which includes not using speech marks. It was like reading a transcript…..(little spoiler there for you).

I didn’t find this depiction of a near future state scary, as I did Oryx and Crake, because I could never imagine women allowing ourselves to be as submissive as Atwood suggests. We have come too far to let it all go and revert back to men ruling the world and controlling us. But, it certainly is an idea as to what could happen should our world change so dramatically that it effects our health and fertility.

A film has been made, I will definitely be renting this and reviewing it. I love bringing books to life AFTER I have read them.

A 5 star book, awarded on Atwood’s talent more than story, a gripping tale nonetheless.


  1. I recommend the much earlier work on the exact same theme (it’s not as good) but definitely utterly overshadowed by this work — Suzy McKee Charnas’ Walk to the End of the World (1974) and the sequels….


    • Good good. It’s always good to read the legion of other female sci-fi authors who have been forgotten — unfortunately, people only seem to remember that Le Guin, Russ, and Atwood existed. And, forget Charnas, C. L. More, Judith Merril, early Wilhelm, etc.

      If you are interested in learning about other female sci-fi authors I recommend the review collating site SF mistressworks — the proprietor, Ian Sales — a published and BFSA winning British sci-fi writer — is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject.


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