The Confession




The Confession by John Grisham

This is an unlikely choice for me as I am not a massive fan of crime novels, but it was recommended as being a good book and I am sure you can gather by now that if someone suggests a book….I read it!

I did some homework before taking the kindle storefront plunge and found that it had hugely mixed reviews on Goodreads, many people saying they thought it was really poor, how they could foresee events etc. However, I trusted my informant and decided to make my own decision.

The book started off quite slow, took me a little while to get into the story and his style of writing. But it picked up, both story line and pace.  What makes this book so different is that the climax of the story is actually half way through, meaning a big run up and run down. I liked it, events occurred that as a reader I believed they wouldn’t and I feel John was successful in being unpredictable.

It is obvious that John had conducted extensive research when writing The Confession as the book was accurate in terms of Texas laws and protocol. I felt as though it could have been a true story, I kind of wish it was! I liked this book, I don’t think it is amazing, but I still think I would recommend it….and I think that is the most important thing about reviewing a book, right?

4 star


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