The Great Gatsby




The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

My friend told me she is going to see a play in London called ‘The Great Gatsby’, she said it was a book and that (I quote) I had probably read it. I hadn’t, I had never heard of it and that gave me a strange feeling, either there was a book I hadn’t read or that my friend had presumed I had read it….same thing actually. Basically, I then read it.

This book is heralded at being an American classic, pushed into the limelight as a genius piece of literature. I had read up on this chap before reading and discovered that he had been a bit of a flop and that this book was his chance to finally earn a bit of recognition, and my god did he try!  In fact he tried so hard he fell over the try hard line and carried on going….in that he over tried.  Yes I get it, this book is studied and hailed as a book worth analyzing and I picked up on the classic symbols such as East Egg and West Egg representing new and old money and the weather changing to suit moods and blah blah blah, but I cannot help feeling that this book is…well it’s shit.

However, my friend said the play was very good and that the whole night was a 20’s theme and I thought to myself, that perhaps the story cannot hold itself and that it needs the physical/visual glitz and glamour to make it interesting.

I have given it 3 stars, mainly because I don’t feel good about giving any less to somebody’s hard work but also because I did read and finish it.

3 star

I am however desperately looking forward to the film with Leonardo Di Caprio…Just the promotional picture below is making me salivate. This is definitely the type of book that needs to brought to life.




  1. What a relieve to hear someone else did not enjoy it. At least you finished it. I felt so guilty for ditching it halfway through. But will go back and re-read before watching the movie.


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