Casino Royale

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Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

One of those books that I felt I was compelled to read as I have seen so many Bond films and not once ready a Bond book. Normally, for me it is the other way around; many books and few films.

I started off with an air of begrudging disdain for the Bond book, and several times I said ‘I told you so’ to myself as it is clearly written with a huge amount of testosterone and in truth not very appealing. But then it got good, it got really good. By the end of this short novel I had the beginnings of a Harry Potter feeling; that feeling of loss when you finish a book and the absolute need to read the next in the series.

Yes, it is written by a man, a massive pervert at that and he clearly had no respect or time for women, but he has a huge amount of intelligence and creative flair and has ultimately produced arguably one of the most famous characters in the world so he must have done something correct.

I did enjoy this book, it has everything; action, romance, chase and cliffhangers.

Yep, pass me the next Bond!


“Like all harsh, cold men, he was easily tipped over into sentiment.”
Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

4 star

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