The best discovery since my Kindle…..History in an hour!



I have made a fantastic discovery, an e-book series called History in an Hour.

With a boyfriend in the military it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to avoid the war jargon and historical references he comes out with, the reason for avoidance is I do not understand what he is saying!! Or more specifically, I cannot contribute to the conversation. So I decided to brush up on my military history and I stumbled upon History in an Hour and ended up downloading several at once. In 1 week I have read 5 of the 25 books in the series, finishing a book in a day (using the daily commute as my reading time). With the tag line “History for busy people”, I could not ignore them.

history in an hour

To be honest I was fairly knowledgeable of the chain of events that sparked both the first and the second world wars but with the direct and concise approach to the books I learnt facts that made me say “huh..?” (with a nod).  The other book topics I know next to nothing about but have since been reciting many factoids…proudly.

There are so many books in the series, ranging from Tudor history to current world changing events. I have also found a series called Philosophy in an Hour (I think by the same publishers) and since I have always wanted to read Aristotle, but considered his works rather daunting to say the least, I have excitedly downloaded Aristotle: Philosophy in an Hour.

Download these books now! For next to nothing cost wise….what’s stopping you!?

5 star

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