Life of Pi – film review



Life of Pi – the film directed by Ang Lee

Life of Pi is probably the best book I have ever read, if not THE best. I was absolutely absorbed by Pi and his adventure at sea and every page was a cliff hanger.  So I have been bursting with excitement ever since I heard the book was being adapted for the big screen.

Last Sunday I saw it. I opted for 2D as watching a film through those glasses irritates me. The film was visually spectacular, bringing to life all my imaginations of the book, the animals and his state of mind. It was full of colour and a strange sort of serenity despite the obscure predicament.  The film did not feel like 2 hours long and I thought the narrative was spot on. Not too cheesy but gentle, encouraging, leaving the audience to ponder alone when needed. I still cannot get over the effects of this film, simply beautiful.

I would say however that to really appreciate the film I would highly recommend reading the book as for a long while the film had Pi out at sea and we glimpsed episodes that were so much more eventful in the book. As I said, the book is an absolute page turner and that essence I do not feel was well reflected in the film…..but oh my the colours and CGI are impeccable.

I also usually get really irritated at film adaptations (Do not get me started on Warhorse). But I am happy with Life of Pi. Thank you Ang Lee.

5 star

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