Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood


Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

An odd book, to say the least. But odd on whos terms? This book was casually recommended to me by a friend and in a drought of good literature I decided to take the plunge.

This book is hard hitting from the outset. In fact it is really quite difficult to relax into due to Atwood’s writing style and even the storyline itself.  But, once the mind adjusts itself to this bizarre state of future events that flips back and forth and involves specially engineered humans…..it actually gets pretty dam addictive.

I thought it was an unatural but workable mix of Harry Potter, the Hunger Games and 1984; the imagination of first, the social aspects of the second and then the controlling and frightening nature of the last.  The book is set in the near future and as a general rule of my own personal thumb, I don’t tend to watch or read anything fictional that could actually happen, examples being the Scream film series, Dantes Peak and then the number of films about the catestrophic aftermath of global warming/war/disease….the list is endless. The reason for turning a blind eye: I worry and end up being frightened over nothing. So, Oryx and Crake had that aspect of realness, and was not too far fetched to be unbelievable. Was I scared…….I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disturbed by the post apocolyptic setting.

Would I ever read another dystopian? Unlikely. Would I read Margaret Atwood again, I think so.

To be honest I downloaded this book without fully reading the blurb. Nethertheless, an EXCELLENT read! I implore you to read it.

4 star


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