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Hello everyone!

Thank you all for visiting, despite my recent silence.

Firstly, I am still plugging away at the Memoirs of Cleopatra. Although, I am almost there at 90% of the way through. I went through a period of resenting the book for taking up so much of my time, however, I have grown to love this amazing historical figure.  More on her in my final review.

Secondly, I have purchased a book. Yes a book! A physical copy with pages and everything.  I saw ‘Marie- Therese’ in Waterstones at the weekend and began reading it in store (whilst waiting for the boyfriend to finish browsing) and realised I needed this book in my life.  It is the story of the first born child of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, and her survival of the French revolution. It begins where Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser ends, and after finishing it I was desperate for more information on the scandalous Bourbon family…and now I think I have finally found it!!

(If your a Goodreads member, click on the image for more information)

So excited!

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