Ice King

Ice King by Geoff Woodland

Probably the longest book I have read in a while, but it felt as though it was finished too quickly.  I would get up early for work just so that I could get on the train sooner to read this book. I sat at my desk eating and reading and I sat with the family reading this book instead of socializing.  The thing is, yes this book was addictive but I am unsure as to why. The story was clever and original and yet it was slightly predictable. The characters were varied and interesting but I never felt like I knew any of them personally or that they related to me directly.

However, in saying that, maybe it was the whole package. There is history, action, romance, betrayal and success. I suppose there is not much more you would want from a story?

Another historical fiction, set in Liverpool during the final few years before the abolition of the ‘African Trade’ (which occurred in 1807) within the British Empire.  The main characters are a Father and Son, the Father caught up in the ‘African Trade’ and the Son working hard to put an end to it.

Highly recommend……..and I have just realised what I could not put my finger on before. This is a man’s book! The story is of the navy and shipping, booze and women, even the front cover has a masculine attraction. Now I understand why I enjoyed the book but still had my breath at the end of it.


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