Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

A friend of mine who is currently residing in Afganistan as a British Army Officer said that he read this book within 6-8 hours and recommended my reading it, assuming I would enjoy it.  I am not sure if this is 6-8 hours continued reading because as far as my habit of reading 2-3 books a week average goes, this one took me one whole week to complete!

I have to be honest, this book is the complete opposite of my preconceived ideas attained from watching numerous films and adaptations. Even the writing style was so very unexpected, with the story written through the use of letters (similar to Dracula).  But the surprise was a good one, after I realised that I in fact had no clue as to the storyline of this book I enjoyed it…not loved.  Quite a placid book in terms of classic horror, not a lot of action happens.  The most shocking, unexpected element was how nice the creation was, he was a good natured beast that was judged wrongly and so acted upon those ideologies….there was no “IT IS ALIVE” moment and in fact addressing the actual creation of the monster was kept to a bare minimum, with no neck bolts.

Nevertheless, a good book with perhaps a hidden meaning to not judge people on looks? Or that we are doomed from our creation? Many possibilities.

I have given it 3 stars as overall I found it quite boring and I believe the reason it took me so long to read was because I felt it a chore to finish. However, I do recommend that everyone rediscover this classic for what it actually is…

I have just downloaded ‘The strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde.” I must have the horror fever!

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