The Confessions of Katherine Howard

The Confessions of Katherine Howard by Suzannah Dunn

I don’t need to repeat my love for historical fiction, however I will briefly explain how I came about this book, an actual book! I lent my good friend (Sara) a few of my Michelle Moran books, albeit several years ago, but she returned them to me recently after having thoroughly enjoyed them! So much so in fact that she then went and purchased another historical fiction, namely The Confessions of Katherine Howard, and then lent it to me in return.

The story itself was enlightening, I would like to consider myself an amateur Tudor enthusiast and I had never considered Katherine Howard particularly interesting, but she was/is. She was just a young girl, with no ambition, caught up in the fancies of an old King.   I honestly felt sorry for the fate that beheld her, and in fact all those around her were subsequently caught up and also suffered….how times have changed.

In terms of literature and writing style, it was ok. I thought Dunn over used punctuation and she wrote in an informal, modern tone,  perhaps that is her signature? I also found it hard to get into the book (potentially because of her writing style)  at first and only when the personalities were getting steamy (yes in that sense) did I actually have more than a vague interest in the book. That isn’t to say I pined after a Mr.Grey scenario, I simply felt that the sudden gossip in the young girls’ lives made for a good read.

I am tempted with another of her books.

I have decided to introduce a rating system, therefore I give this book 3 stars. It was light and enjoyable but not addictive or in fact written particularly well.

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