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As an avid reader, part-time book review blogger and full time student I often find that I have to juggle my marketing books with my personal reading choices; I am more often than not biased towards the later.   Therefore, when I discover an e-marketing book that captures my attention as equally as the latest Sunday Times Bestseller I am excited by its rarity, and I feel a commendation is in order.  I introduce “The Social Media MBA”, a collection of case studies and chapters written by industry leaders and then brought together by Christer Holloman.  This read was in fact recommended to my class by a lecturer in terms of suggesting one of the chapters that was relevant to that week’s class material.   Being unable to shake away my book worm persona I bought and read the whole book.   I would like to mention at this point that although reading  e-marketing and social media books is mandatory I often struggle with academic literature due to the banality of most of them.  However, this new wave of social media How To’s and 100 Ways to do this or that…  have been a breath of fresh air, if you choose the right one.  In my experience they all say the same thing, because let’s face it, as a fairly new marketing landscape how much more is there that can be introduced?  This is where “The Social Media MBA” has the advantage, because it is drawing on the expertise of a collection of individuals and so the content is far more thorough and inspiring.

The chapters range from Strategy Development to Strategy Delivery and then more than a handful of relative case studies such as Kodak and Dell as a way of demonstrating methods.   I enjoyed this book as it doesn’t try and be something it is not by believing it can be good at social media as well as PPC, SEO, CRM etc.  Because although each function is relative, would you want to be Jack of All Trades and Master of None?  No!  You want to be the best you can be in your field, and reading this book will perhaps not enlighten you to something you have never come across before but it will certainly draw your attention to an area that possibly you had forgotten about.  It may even inspire you to try something new.  In fact, if you are a master at social media, issue this book to your team as homework!

One of my favourite aspects of the book is the little passport photo at the beginning of each chapter of each of the contributors….such a simple yet personal touch.

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