On the Island

On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

WOW!! I read this book in a day! Literally could not put it down, in bed, at breakfast, on  the train, at lunch and at dinner. Then when it was finished I felt lonely and empty, feelings that have not stirred in me because of a book since Harry Potter.

The storyline is deep, quick and full! The story of two people washed up on the shore of a small Island and the tale of their survival and relationship. Although this story is not a new concept, I enjoyed Graves’ take with a third of the book dedicated to the after effects.  I can honestly say that I fell in love with Anna and T.J……I think I am speechless.  I think that authors should take heed from this book, it’s not simply about a great idea, the characters must be likeable too, this book is incredible.

I have seen the film The Blue Lagoon which I am sure must have been inspiration for the book. What I enjoyed most was that the Blue Lagoon follows the lives of two children maturing into inquisitive teens and then adults, who still retain their childhood innocence and simply have no clue as to why they have these feelings. Whereas, On the Island features an adult and a teen who are fully aware of actions and consequences, both stories trying to figure out sexual desire.  I think this makes for a nice contrast between the two, as similar as they may be.

I LOVE this book, even cried at the end….out of happiness!

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