The Hunger Games Trilogy

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Earlier in the year The Hunger Games came out in the cinema and was a true blockbuster! But, there has been great speculation as to the quality of the book to film adaptation.  At the time of watching the film I could not comment as I thought the film was fantastic, full of energy with a futuristic come period time frame that made it even more ambiguous (if not slightly unimaginative). I saw the film on a Saturday night and by the following Thursday I had finished all 3 books. The first book ‘The Hunger Games’ was fantastically riveting and I loved discovering scenes that hadn’t made it into the film. I truly felt the plight of Katniss and Peta and even cried at points, an emotion the film was unable to provoke.

‘Catching Fire’ was addictive again but more so because I was desperate to continue reading about Katniss and Peta, after finishing the first one I felt lonely that I no longer had them in my life……..does that make me sad?

The only down side to the trilogy, well down third really is the last book, ‘Mockingjay’. In a raw sense it is a good book as it is the climax of the whole series, yet it was so poorly written and rushed. It follows Katniss’ (annoying) self destruction and her inability to accept help from anyone. Collins also becomes a bit lazy in the final book and jumping through periods of time by Katniss’ fainting/sleeping/being unconscious. Plus there is the equally annoying love triangle ‘Twilight’ saga which is emphasised in this book more than the previous two.

To recommend on not to recommend……RECOMMEND.


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