The King’s Concubine

The King’s Concubine by Anne O’Brien

I chose this book via the Kindle store not only because I am obsessed with historical fiction, but because it claims to be better than Philippa Gregory! Well I simply had to judge for myself as I am a stern P.G fan. My initial thoughts on the novel were that it was incredibly well written and the attention to detail was addictive, the storyline and the protagonist were captivating and it is true that I didn’t really put this book down.  However, I found the book to be far too long, and there were times that I have to admit I skimmed!! SIN! But I would read another of her novels, checking the book length first. As to whether O’Brien is a strong competitor of Gregorys’, I am not convinced. I may have to read another of her creations, I would only have 2 to choose from.

The story of a 14th century Queen’s damsel rising from nothing to holding all the power of the court in her hands, but at what cost?




For more information on Anne, visit her website:

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