Stealing Water

Stealing Water by Tim Ecott

This book has left me feeling confused. I picked it up as my kindle had no charge and I simply cannot function without my head in a book (ironically). I am unsure as to where to even begin? This book is essentially the story of the author’s childhood in South Africa….well that was how it was sold to me. Yet, he spent more time in Northern Ireland. The chapters are not in chronologically order and this is common so did not phase me. I think my main issue with this book is that nothing actually happens, there is no story line and no climax and more often than not a lot of dribble of a memory far from interesting.  HOWEVER, the book is written very well and the references as to what Africa was like during the apartheid regime make you flinch with disgust.  If you find other people’s lives fascinating then perhaps you will appreciate this book.

As a military child he lived in several different locations, with the perks that military accommodation provides, such as a social scene.

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