Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo

A childrens book that has now been made into a film. Only read this week for the first time and read in 2 hours, although I was consistently teary. Captivating storyline and apparently based on a true story, but not overly elaborated (it is a childrens book after all). Great book for a light read, only 192 pages.





The film came out in the cinema and I could not bring myself to go play with my emotions publicly in a cinema so I waited for the DVD release.  Again, I could not watch the film in case I cried and looked like an unstable wretch. So I read the book first, then once I had been conditioned to the storyline I watched the film. Well, I have never been so angry and disappointed at a film before in my life! The book is about bravery, courage and determination, it focuses on the characters that have had an impact on Joey’s life and the reasons why. Each character is just as strong as Joey and that is what feeds his energy, but not in the film. The characters were portrayed as weak and there was no connection with any of them.  Their stories were not developed and in fact the scene where the two German troops run away is completely bizarre, not only does it not occur at all in the book but it is utterly random. Who are these boys? Why do we need to know who they are? What has Joey got to do with them?

What’s more, the film has created whole scenes and situations that simply did not happen in the book, this film is 80% crap and 20% book.

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